Tareq Al Nasser  

Rum Group was established in 1998 ...
Rum Group was established in 1998 by Tareq Al Nasser and was since then run by Russol Al Nasser, who majored in Fine Arts, as an independent band with a distinctive musical vision.
Rum performs Al Nasser's compositions, which are characterized with musical structure that can be described as novel and daring in oriental music, part from the innovative approach and the new spirit he added to the soundtracks he contributed to TV series, where the arrangements skillfully combined between oriental, western and international instruments.
The group also performs songs with a pure humanist approach, apart from its special interest in folklore music and songs, which is presented in a modern manner.
The group comprises more than 25 musicians whose different backgrounds complete each other's and, as a group, are emblematic of harmony.
Rum's artistic experience is ...
Rum's artistic experience is awash with local and Arabic heritage with much exposure to international music. This has been the outcome of Al Nasser's pursuit to try new things in music and the group's numerous participations, around 126 in total, in local, regional and international cultural festivals and events that took the band to Beirut, Tunis, Kuwait, Aghadir, Casablanca, Damsacus, Paris, Genoa, Avezzano, Bari, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Belfield, Kiel and Stockholm. In some of these events, the group represented Jordan for the first time.
Rum remains for Tareq Al Nasser ...
Rum remains for Tareq Al Nasser a different experience and a world of his own creation, where he works with no such limits like those imposed when he writes and arranges soundtracks. This is manifest when Tareq leads the group in any public concert, where the music acquires a different taste.
So far, 53 Jordanian have been part of Rum's experience, some of whom have left to pursue their personal music projects and others remained with the group till today.
Rum released three albums: Ya rouh (Oh soul) in 1998, Urdun (Jordan) 2006 and Yabu Rdayyen, a Jordanian folklore in 2008.